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The Following is content that is prohibited on this site and could be grounds for deletion of your account.


Members of this site may not:

1. Misrepresent gender, age, or attempt to impersonate another member, moderator, or Administrator.

2. Post porn or sexually explicit content.

3. Spam discussion forums, groups, or chat rooms.

4. Harrass or bully other members of this site.

5. make an account for the sole purpose of trolling the site.

6. Engage in any form of hate speach, racism, or prejudice. Racism, prejudice, sexism, or homophobia will not be tolerated. No warning will be given, this is an instant suspension and possible ban from the website.

7. Advertise products or services or other sites.  It is very rude to advertise your site on another persons website and will not be tollerated.  Please respect this site and the work we have put into it.  You are welcome to join and enjoy the features that we offer, but do not make an account here for the sole perpurse of advertizing your site, chat room, or forum.

8. Engage in Fighting and Arguments.  Any dissagreements on this site should be handled in a civil and adult manner.  If you are having an issue with another member, please bring it to the attention of a moderator or Administrator and we will deal with the problem as soon as we are able.   Continuing to fight and argue with anyone in any public area of this site could result in a suspension or ban from the site.

9.  Please do not post personal, identifable information in any public area of this site.  This rule is for your own protection.  Any information shared that is deemed unsuitable will be removed and a warning given.

10. Post content in any language other than English. This is an English speaking site and all content should be in English.  This helps with moderation of the site as most of our staff only speak English.  There is no exception to this rule, any posts made in a language other than English will be removed regarless of its content.

11. Engage or condone any activity or content that is illegal in the United States of America.  This includes but is not limited to, non-prescription drug use, solicitation of any drugs, abuse, physical, mental, verbal, or sexual.  Murder, rape, assult, any crimes involving the mafia.  Child pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, beastiality, sex with household items or inanimate objects, and the sexually innapropriate use of peanut butter or any other condiment.

These rules may change or be updated as the need arrises.  Thank you.

Published:Jan 14th 2016
Modified:Jan 14th 2016

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