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All members are welcome to use the social store to sell or buy their products or services.  Please make sure that you read over the site rules before posting anything.  DO NOT attempt to sell anything that is illegal in the Unites States. Doing so will result in your item being removed and the suspension or deletion of your account. 

Any member who accepts payment for a product or service and does not deliver said product or service will have his or her account removed permantly as this is a violation of our terms of service.

Please note that Mad Cow Groups is not responsible for damaged, misslabled, or missrepresented goods.  If you pay for an item and it is not shipped to you or is not what you agreed to purchase, please contact a member of our staff and we will contact the seller.  If we are unable to correct the issue the seller may have their account removed or lose their Social Store privledges. 

Mad Cow Groups is not responsible to recover lost or damaged items, or to reimburse any funds that are exchanged via this store.  If you feel that you have been mislead or you do not recieve your product, it is your responsibility to take action against the seller to recover your funds or property.

By using this feature you are agreeing to our terms and conditions that are stated above.

Thank you, Mad Cow Staff

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